Providing the best in business thermal management and structural enclosure analysis solutions

It is important to understand the structural response and thermal behavior of your designs in order to create reliable products. Here at Pro-E, we make sure to provide our customers with top class solutions for design remediation, analysis and optimization, all under one single roof. With a string foundation in the principles concerning the application and execution of first engineering, our talented team is hugely experienced, with a collective experience that spans over 100 years. We at Professional Engineering, promise to provide you with quality products on time and in a budget that is quite lower than those of other competitors in the market.

Avail extraordinary services

Dissipating heat is one of the major issues that electrical equipment and various other products need to tackle. Temperature gradients can cause stress, and with the progress of age, devices and systems are becoming even smaller, while consuming greater power. These create a great need for maintaining optimal working temperatures and dissipate the excess heat to aid in maintenance of reliability and performance. Here at Professional Engineering, we provide exemplary analysis solutions that range from calculations done on hand to FEA, also known as Finite Element Analysis, which helps us be able to meet commercial and military (MIL-STD-810G) standards. Some of the extraordinary services that you can hope to avail from us include:

• Identifying compromises present in hardware designs
• Locating problematic areas and devising possible solutions before confirming on the basic design layout
• Validating design modifications prior to building physical prototypes
• Selecting the best cooling hardware
• Explore scenarios in operation
• Undertaking DFR, also known as Design for Reliability activities

Our team at Pro-E is expertly trained professionals, who are well equipped with the nuances of thermal management and structural enclosure analysis. We are well equipped to provide remediation on your designs and optimize the same, while providing you with brilliant design services that comprehensively cover all aspects of your design and even provide redesign options. With an eminent customer base in the Aerospace prime industry, with many sub-contractors having opted for our services, we have also successfully catered many commercial OEMs with successful and satisfactory services. Having served the manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, transportation, security, food and drug, defense, telecommunication, electro-optics, military and commercial enclosures, automated test equipment and semiconductor industries, our team at Professional Engineering is well equipped to handle every thermal management and structural enclosure analysis needs that you might have.